Frequently Asked Questions

What are the incentives?

CityBus 31-Day CityPasses and Sonoma county monthly commuter passes are only $20 each. People who walk, ride a bike or carpool are automatically entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Check on the drawing winners link to see if you won.

How many times a month do I have to walk to work to get an award?

Walk, ride a bike or carpool.

2 one way trips each week = 1 entry
4 one way trips each week = 2 entries
6 one way trips each week = 3 entries
8 one way trips each week = 4 entries
10 one way trips each week = 5 entries

The more time you use a commute alternative the bettter your chances of winning.

If I am a monthly winner, where do I pick up my gift card?

Transit Mall on 2nd Street
Transit Mall Customer Service Booth
M-F 8:30am-4:30pm
closed for lunch 12:30pm-1:00pm

Where can I buy my reduced fare bus pass?

Same location as above, Transit Department at City Hall.

Which companies can participate?

Any company that is within the Santa Rosa city limits.

How does a company register?

First designate a Transportation Coordinator within the company. The Coordinator then registers the company and receives a login and password to access the site and sign-up employees.

What if my carpool partner gets sick and needs to go home?

The Free Ride program includes a Guaranteed Ride Home in a taxi. Of course, there are rules and restrictions. The company’s Transportation Coordinator authorizes and issues GRH vouchers as appropriate.

I live in Cloverdale and work in Santa Rosa, how can I participate?

Any enrolled participant who works in Santa Rosa is eligible to buy a monthly Sonoma County Transit commuter pass and/or a 31-Day CityPass for only $20 each. Or look into putting together a carpool with others who live and work near you.

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